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5 Email Marketing Challenges Most Companies Are (Still) Facing

I have had to address this topic over and over again for the last 4 years. Why? Because year over year companies continue to face the same 5 email marketing challenges. Now 4 years later I am back at it again, hoping to address these common challenges that are yet to be solved for a majority of companies.

We can probably agree that email done right is one of the most effective methods of reaching and converting your audience. 

We remember the statistic that 76% of subscribers make purchases after receiving marketing emails, right?  

But despite its overall potential, email marketing is not without challenges. If your top problem isn’t on this list, you might want out check out this article: 5 Email Mistakes to Avoid in Your Marketing Campaign.

For now, let’s chat about 5 email marketing challenges most companies are STILL facing.   

Email Marketing Challenge #1. Engagement Rates – Are they good, bad…what do they mean???

 Improving engagement rates is the goal for every client I start working with. If you can relate, then here are some tips. 

  • First, you need to document your baseline averages and track against those month-over-month. Understanding the engagement rates is half the battle. 
  • To get a bump, ensure your emails are packed with interesting, relevant information. 
  • Better yet, make sure they’re personalized for each buyer persona you want to target. 
  • Even better than that? Make sure they are sent via triggers so the email has meaning against the user behavior. 

These are easy ways to get more umph out of your engagement rates quickly. 

Email Marketing Challenge #2. Customer Acquisition

 We need new customers, said every client EVER! More specifically, they wanted customers who actually planned to buy something, not people who would simply read the email and take no action. 

If you struggle with this, keep in mind that email marketing is 40 times more effective at reaching new customers than social media. So consider that when you’re trying to decide how much time to put into each marketing tactic to improve customer acquisition, your email may need a little more of the focus.

Email Marketing Challenge #3. Customer Retention

Once you get new customers, you want to keep them, right? And that makes sense, because it’s certainly cheaper to keep customers than to try to get new ones.

If this is a problem for you, make sure your email content is interesting enough to cut through all the clutter most people get every day, so you can stand out in the minds of your current customers. 

One GREAT WINNER is adding video messages to email, especially to customers. We recently conducted a test where a client sent their product updates in a video format. WOW – talk about adding the human touch?

Bonus tip: be human! If you can retain friends in real life by being a great human, then believe me, you can keep your customers with the same principles. 

Email Marketing Challenge #4. Data Quality

GAH data!  Your first mission here is quality. If you get garbage in, likely garbage will be what the end result is. The more personalized your email marketing methods are, the better results you’ll get—and you need *accurate* customer data to properly personalize your emails. 

Collecting this customer data information lets you know:

  • Gender 
  • Location  
  • Birthdate
  • Styles 
  • Behaviors 

…and more of your target audience, which can help steer your content in the right direction. 

You can start getting this information by:

  1. Making sure your website includes sign-up forms that ask the right questions
  2. Adding it to your preference center or sporadically across your lifecycle programs.

Read more tips on email personalization here.

Email Marketing Challenge #5. Brand Awareness

This is a tough one but I hear it a lot – We need more people to see our brand!

Luckily, there are lots of ways to do this, from email marketing and social media to paid ads and events – or an integrated approach! We love to sit down with the leaders of other channels to strategize the integrated marketing experience for customers. 

One great way is to serve up a lookalike audience from certain email segments back to your user acquisition team.

A pro tip here – make sure you have tracking in place, preferable multi-touch attribution, that can help show the progress. 

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