5 Tips for Valentine’s Day Email Success

5 Tips for Valentine’s Day Email Success

Written by: Morgan Ballard-Wheeler

With Valentine’s Day approaching, now is the time to plan your email marketing strategies for this significant consumer spending day. In 2021, 52% of US adults celebrated Valentine’s and spent ~$22 Billion. Here are five tips to help kickstart your brand’s Valentine email campaigns!

1. Know your audience

This tip goes without saying, and here are some stats that will help you fine-tune your marketing voice. People in the early stages of a relationship tend to spend more on Valentine’s Day, and as such, Millennials are this holiday’s biggest spenders. Keep with the spirit of Valentine’s Day and use cheeky and playful language to connect with this age group. Emphasize that purchasing a gift for “bae” is to participate in “adulting.” This will help this group see their purchase as a choice that provides meaningful agency. It’s how they view the buying, more than just what they are buying.

2. …While being inclusive and innovative

Unlike Millennials, Generation Z is not as enthusiastic about Valentine’s spending, 

but it is still important to capitalize on this generation’s substantial spending power and time they shop online. While Gen Z doesn’t relate as strongly to traditional relationship expectations for Valentine’s Day, there are aspects you can highlight that will still promote engagement. Studies show that both Gen Z and Millennials place high importance on self-care, especially in ways that support both physical and emotional wellness. A wide variety of products can be marketed in ways that emphasize self-care, whether your company makes exercise related equipment, beauty products, or health food. Take initiative! Craft your campaign into one that beats statistical expectations by appealing to Gen Z!

3. Reconnect with past clients 

If a customer has bought your product in the past and enjoyed it, show that they can purchase it again for a meaningful someone who would also enjoy it. And how can you incentivize this segment of pre-existing customers to click “buy”? Offer an existing customer discount! Encourage your clientele to think about their partner and how special they will feel to receive your product as a thoughtful gesture. This strategy can be extended beyond romantic partners as people often celebrate their close friends on Valentine’s Day, too. (Galentine’s, anyone?)

4. Pair it up!

Utilize language that emphasizes the theme of being a couple. Companies offer “buy one, get one free” deals frequently, but now brand it as a “two for one.” This is great for products that are enjoyed with a partner like bathrobes, matching t-shirts, or cookware. After all, it’s hard to have a meal time bonding experience with just one frying pan!

5. Offer Valentine’s Day themed wrapping or gift with product 

Unless you're a flower or candy company, chances are your product isn’t immediately associated with Valentine’s Day gifts. You can work around this by partnering your product with more traditional accessories. One option is to offer wrapping or cards decorated with hearts. Another is to enter buyers in a raffle for an experience like a spa day or hot air balloon ride. You can also intrigue customers with trivia: did you know that St. Valentine is the patron saint of beekeepers? Then offer some honey with their purchase!

These are just a few ideas to get you started marketing for Valentine’s. It’s the perfect holiday between those at the end of the year and Mother’s Day to capitalize on consumer habits!

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