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[32] Holiday Planning: The BEST Holiday Promotions That Ever Lived

CWEG 32 | Holiday Promotions

In this episode, I will review the best 5 strategic promotional approaches for the holiday season. Remember - this more than just Black Friday and Cyber Monday. My goal of this episode is to a) give you some inspiration and b) help you to see what type of promo approach may be best suited for your business and how it will be applied. Get ready - there are some golden nuggets in this episode.


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Holiday Planning: The BEST Holiday Promotions That Ever Lived

We are going to look at the best holiday promotions that ever lived. My goal of this episode is to, A) Give you some inspiration and, B) Help you to see what type of promotional approach may be best suited for your business and how it will be applied. Not all approaches work for every business, so be mindful of that. The promo needs to make sense for sure and this is one big pitfall that companies can make around this time of year is the copycat syndrome.

Going through this episode in a logical formulaic process is going to help establish what's right for you. Firstly, let's remember for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, specifically, users are looking for the best deal. They have been waiting all year for this. This is their chance to get it, so remember that. It is not good enough to simply do a 15% off site-wide. This is why planning is important and in doing that, you have to marry up your business acumen as well.

Thinking through things like for your leads, “What is the max discount you can give them while still making a profit.” You've got to marry that up to the products or collections. Some products with your CAC might not work for a super big promo. You can know what to hone in on. What about your customers? Maybe you can offer them some additional incentives or products.

This is important legwork ahead of moving into your offers but we are going way further than Black Friday, Cyber Monday or simply offers. We are going to cover some of the best promotional approaches that have ever lived. Spoiler alert, this is not going to be me telling you that you need to use a buy 1, get 1 on Friday and you need to use 50% off everything on Cyber Monday. I'm talking about the approach here. Let's take a look at my top five.

Approach number one, reward your best customers with early access deals. Who doesn't love to feel special? Customers want to know that they are your priority. Giving them exclusive offers is a great way to do that. In addition to getting ahead of these key holiday days, you can quickly show existing shoppers that you value them more than ever by offering unique discounts and early bird deals throughout the shopping season. This first buy excitement not only encourages purchases that may not have happened later in the season but can also result in multiple buys from your store.

CWEG 32 | Holiday Promotions


Think about it this way, if you are coming up with an email strategy for your customers, you know it's super important and it will pay you back. Forget about Black Friday, especially if you know, for instance, that your best data send emails is on Thursdays. Why not get ahead of it all with your most loyal customers? How about doing a Thursday pre-Black Friday sale for them only? That's a great way.

Also, if you have loyalty tiers, this is another segmentation play you can use to give earlier holiday deals. If you've got your platinum tier, maybe they get to start shopping as early as Monday. Your gold gets to go in on Wednesday, Thursday your silver gets to, and then you open up Black Friday. This is a great one. If you have a decent customer list and you have already seen success with email and your customers, sure win.

Approach number two, offer holiday bundles to increase average order value. One of the things we know is we make a lot of money on the holidays. Average order value can also help us a little bit here. Everyone wants to get more for their money and product bundles tap into this drive for value during the holiday season.

By offering bundled products at discounted rates, you will increase the number of sales you get and bump up your average order value that is a plus. A lot of time, an attractive bundle might give shoppers, who are on the fence, the nudge they need. How do you offer holiday bundles? First, you can create relevant bundles. You were bundling together similar products and promoting them across your website, social media and through email.

You can brag about bestsellers, identify your bestselling products and pair them with complimentary to create an even better deal. I see this happen a lot. If that got your staple product, it is by far the best performing thing. How do we get those other products to move as well? We can attach them to this bestseller. The other one that works well is naming your bundles. Go one step further and name your bundles. You can give them your own designated hashtag if you want for the social interaction to get people talking about them because the more we can get the people talking about them and aware of them when we send out that email, it's more impactful. Holiday bundles are a great idea.

Approach number three, delight your customers with relevant and valuable upsells. Just as bundles are great for increasing your AOV, so too our upsells. These are complementary products tacked onto an order and are often related to the initial purchase in some way. Free gifts are great this time of year. The best part is that they are presented to customers who are well and truly in buy mode since they have made it all the way to check out typically.

If you're coming up with an email strategy for your customers, you know it's super important and it will pay you back.

Here's the perk, if they don't take the upsell upon checkout, you can build a special upsell flow or email automation that activates to prompt these folks to come back and grab the last item. Remember, upsells don't have to be resigned to checkout. You can sprinkle promotions for similar products throughout the buying cycle to capture shoppers who are at different stages of your funnel.

A great example of using this in email is Pura Vida Bracelets offers customers a free bonus bracelet with their order as well as free shipping. That's an idea here. Upsells are great and we get probably the most questions all the way around about upsells. They can be tricky. This is one for sure. If you have any questions, please send them our way.

Approach number four, consider a post-holiday campaign for slow shoppers. Not everyone is free to shop on Black Friday. That is one thing I want to reiterate to you. I don't care if you know exactly their income level and you assume it's quite high, all of these things. There are a ton of circumstances I could spend another ten minutes going through that would prevent people from shopping on Black Friday. I happen to be a great case of this because I am working on my own client's emails on Black Friday and I do not have time to shop.

We know that there are a ton of reasons. We have to acknowledge that. We cannot put our eggs 100% in the black Friday basket and say, “It's done. Check it off.” This doesn't mean that they don't want to buy for me, though. I still need to do my shopping. It's probably not going to be on Black Friday. They might have been distracted, busy at work and simply didn't see your offer in time.

To capture these shoppers, many brands extend their Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday offers. This accommodates people who aren't in impulse buying mode and instead, they need more time to warm up, especially if they are new to your brand. We are talking about your leads. By running a campaign targeting shoppers that missed out, you are going to build deeper relationships with new shoppers and make some last-minute sales.

You can extend deals. Extending your most popular deals longer than a day, this goes for Black Friday offers and Cyber Monday deals, as well as any other discounts you have running during your holiday season. You can specifically target this group of people, too. You are not saturating your loyal buyers and those that have already bought from you. This is another thing where we've got to make sure we have our segments in place.

You can remind shoppers. Send out emails to past customers who didn't cash in on the discounts to encourage them to take advantage before they run out of time. You can personalize emails with product recommendations, which is a staple but it works if you are going to put a post-holiday campaign in place and then you can leverage customer experiences.

Use the experiences of shoppers who did buy on Black Friday to sell products to customers that didn't. Share their photos, reviews, and stories across every channel you can think of. Drive them in email. This is like a FOMO play. You want to make sure that you add this one in if you can because this says like, “You missed out but we have your back and we are going to extend this deal for you.”

Approach number five, promote a different deal every hour or build a theme around it, for example, The Twelve Days of Christmas. Keep customers coming back by promoting a new deal or discount at regular intervals throughout the key holiday shopping dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This builds anticipation and will attract more customers as the day days go on. Think of it as a snowball rolling down a hill, getting bigger as more consumers are made aware of your deals, as well as generating a buzz around your brand. You will also get more eyeballs on your entire product range as there is a high chance that customers will be interested in some products more than others.

You want to make sure that you do a pre-sale announcement so that you can get your list ready to shop. I love headers as these emails go on that say, “Sold out. Don't miss out on the next deal.” There's a countdown timer ticking for that next deal. This is another tip. Countdown timers can be helpful during the holiday season for the urgency of things expiring. Remember, your customers are going to get their best deals.

You can also use the same approach but do it day by day. A lot of my clients in the past have done a form like The Twelve Days of Christmas. It's so much fun. We have helped clients create advent calendar-style emails and then each day, a new box opens with a special discount. It's fun, effective and it takes you beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The point of the episode is that on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we are going to make a big bang on those days. We have a whole episode to talk about that but having a greater holiday approach is going to be your key to success here. You can see why having a plan is important. Those that plan and use this pre-holiday time wisely are going to blow it out of the water this holiday season. Reactive email is not going to do the job. You can see the additional segments we have uncovered by running through these fabulous strategic promotions or approaches. As always, send your questions to Conversations@EmailGrowthSociety.com and until next time, happy emailing and holiday planning.

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