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[33] Holiday Planning: The Pre-Holiday Survey - And Why You Need To Send It NOW


It's October which means it is pre-holiday survey time. If you have no idea what this means, then you definitely need to listen to this sprint episode this week.

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Holiday Planning: The Pre-Holiday Survey - And Why You Need To Send It NOW

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If you've been with me in the last three episodes, then you are well on your way to having a successful holiday season with your email marketing. Some of this probably has cascaded now into social media and all of your channels so that is even more exciting. We're going to talk about the pre-holiday survey. What is it and why do you need it?

For surveys, the more engagement, the better. You can offer something fun for people who take the survey.

We're in October 2021, and it’s a great time to learn as much as you can about your recipients. If you've been testing, then you likely have some execution tactics that are ready to roll for the holidays like best send time or day, subject line formulas and great templates, but there is so much more. The objective of your pre-holiday survey is to understand some of the following. Does this recipient purchase for themselves or are they a gifter?

Technically, you've identified this segment if you've completed the step in episode 31, but it doesn’t hurt to ask in a greater survey so that you can see how the data matches up from a different point of view. You would want to know things like, would they be interested in sharing a wishlist from your company? Would they be interested in purchasing gift cards? If you have bundles, which ones would interest you most? You can do a gauge of ranking order in your products. This is also a quick way of seeing any customer you have that has purchased multiple times from you, but it will start to give your products that stacking ranking. If you do create a bundle and you do one that is centered around a bestseller, you know that if you put this product in, likely, most people are going to buy.

You can also ask things like, “What would make shopping online easier for you this holiday season?” You can gauge, “Do they think a percentage off versus a dollar amount is a better deal?” If you've got some discounts you're thinking about BOGO, Buy Two, Get One, 50% off and bundles. You can say like, “Which one would be most appealing to you?” These are examples of what you can ask. This is your last piece of the puzzle in solidifying your holiday approach, and you can learn so much. I recommend that you send this to your customers only at least at first.

Leads are not going to have the same perspective as your customers, but you can create a version for your leads too. You will need to remember that they've never purchased with your brand before. You can't ask them questions about their favorite products and things like that. Another few things to consider, get a bigger bang for your buck by weaving in some preference questions as well.


What is your favorite color? Are you single, married or have a family? Those sorts of things. All of these questions can help you better segment your database for the big day, and you should ask these, but be mindful of overlap. We're looking to target segments that can stand on their own as unique. For instance, somebody that has kids and somebody that does not have kids are two segments that can stand on their own. Make sure you're mindful of that. The more engagement, the better. If you feel like you need to, I would recommend offering to enter anyone that submits the survey into a drawing for something fun.

This will get people excited to help. Send and resend. As you guys know, if you've followed the show for a while, I'm not typically a fan of resends in most cases, but the survey may need a few attempts. Dedicate one email and resend. If you still have not gotten the response you're looking for, you can tuck it into another email towards the bottom with an additional CTA.

If you have SMS subscribers, you can also send a survey request via SMS, which is a good tactic. SMS is used for more urgent messages, so this is a good one. This was a short episode. Once you get all the data, you'll be able to analyze, sort and execute segments from it. Your job is to craft your pre-holiday survey and get this email scheduled and out the door. Please send any questions my way to Conversations@EmailGrowthSociety.com. Until next time, happy emailing and holiday planning, everyone.

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