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[39] Holiday Planning: 3 Last Minute Ideas For The Holidays


As we approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is always good to have some "last minute tricks" in your back pocket, especially as we roll into December and still need to hit revenue goals. Today, we're going to chat about 3 quick wins that you can incorporate as a part of your holiday email marketing strategy that will not let you down. Save them as a "back-up" or plan to incorporate them. Either way, you will not regret it.

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[39] Holiday Planning: 3 Last Minute Ideas For The Holidays

Counting down the days until the holiday email season begins. I have gotten a ton of feedback from those of you that have reached out, having learned a ton of new information from your pre-holiday survey. It is always eye-opening what we find out and how different the results can be from company to company, especially as it relates to the type of discount to offer and whether or not to incorporate gift cards and things like that. If you have not sent a pre-holiday survey, you still might have time to do so. Make sure to check out the pre-holiday survey email and get to it.

Gift Cards

Speaking of gift cards, these can be a great last-minute holiday tactic to drive sales. We're going to look a little closer at promoting gift cards and two other tactics so you can boost holiday sales even at the last minute. Back to promoting gift cards. As you pass cyber week and head straight into Hanukkah, leaving twenty days until Christmas day and the beginning of Kwanzaa, our recipients get desperate.

December is a desperate moment. There's a good portion of your list that likely didn't take advantage of the discounts or early ordering that was provided in November. Desperate gift-givers have gotten to the bottom of their shopping lists and they're running out of time. There are always folks that are downright impossible to shop for like your mother-in-law, your picky nephew or whomever.

You enter the pure magic of the gift card. According to the National Retail Federation, 59% of shoppers will buy gift cards this holiday season. However, if you don't work for one of the big box retail brands, the chances are good that the majority of your customers don't even realize you offer them. It is the perfect time to plug gift cards in as a last-minute gift idea, especially if you can provide them digitally and help people avoid the whole shipping issue. Think about this option as Cyber Week moves past in the blink of an eye and you head into December.

Social Contest

Next up, how about running a social contest? This is the busiest zen time of the year. Like it or not, your subscribers have probably begun to tune out your campaigns. That is unless you do something that interests them, AKA nearly anything that isn't a sales message. One great way to capture your audience's attention in a crowded holiday inbox is to run some contests on social.


For instance, we've seen brands from UPS to Rite Aid use email to promote giveaways on Facebook Live during the thick of the holiday season. Everyone loves free stuff. It's a fantastic way to produce some interest. Put your brand top of mind and get your eyes back on your products and services. This is a great way to bring in some last-minute revenue, especially if you already have some data to show that these Instagram Live or Facebook Live types of situations are in your favor.


Lastly, remind your subscribers about shipping. This might be your biggest win. If all else fails, take the practical route. Remind your subscribers when they'll need to purchase by in order to get their gifts on time. It's the push many people need to complete their shopping that they've been putting off. Schedule a series of reminder emails and be sure to get to the point quickly both in your subject line and in the body of your campaign.

We're in the thick of shipping and manufacturing crises at the moment. This is totally real and relevant. I have a prediction that some of the last-minute to shop and ship emails are going to outperform our usual discounts simply because folks want their gifts on time. You have three Swiss Army knife ideas sitting in your back pocket to use as you need them.

These are great ones to use. I would get them ready to rock and roll ahead of time just in case even if you don't use them. Please feel free to send any questions my way to Conversations@EmailGrowthSociety.com. This was a short one. Until next time. Brace yourself because the holidays are coming. Happy planning.

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