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[40] BONUS: December ‘21 Email Ideas

It is that time again - email ideas! And this time, we are incorporating 7 big ideas to finish off your year right. Why are emails in December so important? For email marketers (and especially those in retail), December is the victory lap. In December, every email should drive swift action, contain shipping information, and offer help with orders. Black Friday may be over by now, but December is still a monumental month for consumers’ holiday spending. Here are just a few of the hottest spending days that occur in December (ranked in order): Dec 2, Dec 12, Dec 9, Dec 11, Dec 3, Dec 10, Dec 16.

This episode is to fuel your ideas so that all of your December emails include a steady stream of take-action messaging about final days for free shipping, last chances to get certain products, and countdowns to Christmas.

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December ‘21 Email Ideas

We have another bonus episode to keep those email ideas flowing. I know you're preparing to execute flawless Black Friday and Cyber Monday Campaigns but let's not forget about December and how those will unfold. I have some thoughts. Firstly, the Welcome Winter Email. December is the first month of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. In regards to your email templates, this means one thing. Snow.

Some people relate snow to breathtaking beauty, others to fun activities. Either way, make your emails snow-themed to impress your subscribers as well as stand out in the inbox. Don't be afraid to try to align your products with a topic that might be winter-related. For instance, if you're a health and wellness brand, you might talk about how to avoid winter fatigue, but you can still have a beautiful background there and winter is a fun time. Next is the gift guide. If I've said it once, I have dedicated an entire episode to it. Don't forget to use your gift guides in December.

In the season of giving, what better idea for an email than a gift guide! The tactic certainly works in favor of engaging your recipients and boosting your sales.

In the season of giving, what better idea for an email than a gift guide? We've seen so many brands take this direction and it works so beautifully. The tactic certainly works in favor of engaging your recipients and boosting your sales. If you use these early in December, even the basic for him or her gift guide works so well. Use the email real estate to lay out all the goods. It's so fun. You can do a very visual one where you have some little products for him or her or maybe you've got those buttons that's gifts for him or her under $20 or $30. Gift guides are fantastic.

Another email idea for December is to announce new products, features or programs. Try to hold off if you can. If you have something new, you're ready to roll out or even want to make something new, for instance, a bundle for your products, December is your chance. It is a way to be the first to get this and drive a lot of sales. If you have a new app or a loyalty program, this is also the perfect time to announce it. If you're thinking about rolling those out or you've been conceptualizing them, I would wait until December. It's a good time to do these things.

Next, what about your pre-holiday sale emails? I love these. As soon as December kicks in, people start looking for shopping deals beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You should be ready for the rising demand. My favorite is the 12 days, 6 days or however many days you choose of giving. This type of campaign creates a ton of buzz and excitement while you're strengthening your brand-customer relationship. You can be as creative as you want, but it gives your recipients something to look forward to. They're right at their inbox, looking and ready. You could also transform this into twelve days of Christmas and offer a deal of the day.

CWEG 40 | December Email Ideas


You can also wrap this into a charitable match. For every product sold, you're going to give to a different charity each day, whatever you choose, but pre-holiday sales emails that can be developed more like a campaign instead of a one-off are going to be your best bet. Try to be clever and incorporate it into the 3, 6, 12 days, however many days and be mindful of your shipping.

Another idea for emails in December is either last-minute sales or shipping reminders. There's always going to be people who leave their shopping for the last-minute and that's where you step in. You have to be their hero. A lot of times, you can offer up like stocking stuffers, email, items and easy gifts like gift cards in these emails to help them. Before that, you want to remind your recipients when the last date of shop for regular shipping is. This one drives a ton of sales. These last-minute sales and shipping reminders can go hand-in-hand. I recommend you sketch that out on your calendar and try to understand where these might fit in.

Two more to go. Your post-holiday sales. How about the day after Christmas? To boost the mood of your subscribers, send a post-holiday campaign offering even bigger discounts. This is perfect too if you're looking to get rid of some stock on certain products. Note that post-holiday sales is the time of year when folks are going to buy for themselves. If they've already taken advantage of Black Friday deals, maybe for themselves but likely for a gift, they get to treat themselves. Post-holiday sales, they might get ready for the New Year. They've already gotten their gifts for the holidays. Maybe a couple of things on their list weren't met. It is your chance to get them to purchase them for themselves.

December is about family. It's warm and fuzzy. How about sending emails simply to give warm wishes?

Last but certainly not least, how about sending emails simply to give warm wishes? I love this one. Just because people are in a shopping mood doesn't mean that all of your December emails should be all about sales and promotions. December is about family. It's warm and fuzzy. We watch holiday movies and snuggled together by a fireplace. It's a lovely time of year. Since you want to keep your subscribers close, it's a good idea to send them warm wishes during the holidays to show them that you care because you do.

If you're committed to one email like this for the holiday season, send it to your customers, thanking and appreciating them. It's the perfect time. All of these ideas should stack up some great email campaigns for you this December. Remember, if you have any questions, as always, please send them to Conversations@EmailGrowthSociety.com. I will respond within 24 hours. Until next time. Happy holiday planning.

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