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[45] BONUS: February Email Ideas


Ready to think about what your email real estate for February? This month brings some exceptional opportunities to drive BIG sales, especially coming off the holidays. But it's all about the strategy. In this bonus episode, we look at a few options to get that February calendar planned for big sales and big results.

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BONUS: February Email Ideas

Our first bonus episode of the year, February email ideas. Before we get started, if you're a small business or startup in the go-to-market stage, likely you're trying to get your top of the funnel activities underway and may have email on the back burner but good news. I've created a Five-week Email Essentials Bootcamp course so that you can build solid foundations and understand how to run best-in-class campaigns to help your email channel thrive as your business grows.

I dedicate February mostly to the great day of love, Valentine's Day, because there is a lot of surrounding real estate we need to think about for this day. This will apply to most of you. If you have a product that needs to ship, then you cannot send an email out simply on Valentine's Day as it would not give you enough time to get people's ideas going and get the shipping accomplished.

This is a holiday that I call planned. We have to carve out some email real estate to provide enough time to ship. First, I want to give you a few options for send cadences. First, we have the air cover. If Valentine's Day is on the 14th, you may want to think about 3 to 4 emails that start going out on, let's say, February 1st. A typical cadence is February 1st, start planting the seed, something like, “Looking for the perfect gift?”

February 3rd, product education, something like, “Five ways to dazzle so-and-so this Valentine’s Day.” We have, let’s say, February 6th, where we start the offer. This is your sale opportunity. Ideally, it can run about three days, and then February 9th, your final day for Valentine's Day shipping. You may have to adjust this for your company depending on send times. That’s your air cover.

Cherish the unique relationship you've built with your customers. A relationship with a loyal customer is priceless.

If you want to dedicate a good portion of the month to promoting a great offer on Valentine's Day, then that would be a good option. We do have the day off. If you're looking to use Valentine's Day as a sale day, something like, “Today, only get 15% OFF,” then this would be your send cadence or if you have a downloadable principle emailable products like a gift card, then you can take advantage of this as a last-minute gift idea.

For Valentine's Day content musts, here are some things you need to think about. First, cherish the unique relationship you've built with your customers. A relationship with a loyal customer is priceless. Who said you can't celebrate it on the lover’s day? With a little help from personalization in the email, you can show each and every one of your subscribers and customers they mean a lot to you. This is an option for Valentine's Day. If you simply want to reach out to your customer base, appreciate them, and offer them a unique gift. This is a good way to do this.

I recommend that you leave it for your loyal customers only. For those folks who have never purchased from you, this seems a little bit like we want to dedicate this to our loyal customers. You can also, in all your emails, use subtle charm. If you don't want to stray too far from your usual newsletter design or copy, then sprinkle in a few flirtatious elements into the email. If a dedicated campaign doesn't fit your schedule or brand, don't force it but tweak an existing template and treat the holiday more like a theme in your email than a festive extravaganza.

You can apply this to your email campaign, even if you do launch a loved-themed product line or a special deal for this day. That being said, don't be afraid to add in a few flirtatious lines to your copy that make the reader feel the day of Valentine's Day. Another idea, if you're going to make a promise, please make sure to deliver. One of the main reasons your customers don't shop online close to Valentine's Day it's because they don't love your offers or because they feel your inventory is overpriced. It's that they fear being late with the perfect gift of their significant other. It has nothing to do with your offers or your inventory.

That's why we've got to look at that air cover strategy and make sure if we make a promise, we're able to deliver. Can you imagine running home with a box of chocolates on February 15th? Make sure you are transparent with deadlines and shipping cutoffs and ensure that you can deliver on the backend. This has to be included in your copy. If shopping for Valentine's gifts, you must purchase by X time on X day. You need to make sure your logistics are put together on the backend.

One of my favorites, this is another holiday where we can leverage wish lists and gift guides. Here's a quick fact. Your potential customers will visit only 1 to 3 retail sites before they purchase a Valentine's Day gift. The takeaway is to remove shopping obstacles and drop a hint in your Valentine's email about the ideal gift for their partner. Your email will prevent visitors from wandering around on your website and perhaps sailing away to a competitor’s site.

Promote wish list ideas in your pre-holiday emails, so subscribers can point their significant others to the right gifts. You'll reduce the number of returned items and become a trusted Valentine's Day shopping adviser as well. Wish lists and gift guides are a must. Start thinking about those now. It’s super easy to implement. Lastly, create irresistible subject lines. I've told you this about back-to-school and other key holidays. Valentine's Day is the same. We have to have it filled with love from the minute they are seeing it in their inbox.


Make it clear that your email is a special Valentine's Day promotion and here's what to include in the subject line. Use words like perfect, ideal and gift to accentuate the useful side of your newsletter or email. You've got awesome gifts for Valentine's Day. Boost open rates by creating a sense of urgency using expressions like expires, end, soon, ends soon, only and left. Use emojis, hearts in particular, to make the subject line stand out from the inbox clutter and try something unique that matches both the Valentine's Day theme and your company, industry or product.

Those are some tips to get you started thinking about your Valentine's Day strategy. Do not let this one slip by because as we live through the post-holiday slumps, I know I gave you a bunch of tips already but Valentine's Day is an easy way to boost sales. Some other great opportunities in February that I particularly love are Groundhog's Day, which is February 2nd. How about a special offer depending on what good old Phil does? Groundhog Day sales can be fun and effective, and you can do a little campaign series for this. The Lunar New Year, which is the first day of the holiday, February 12th, brings good luck with a special gift or a product launch. This one is a total hit.

If you have a product that you're ready to launch or a special little bundle, then use the Lunar New Year as a way to package that. It's a fun one. We have the President's Day sale, which we typically see on the third Monday of February. Don't miss out on this chance to move some inventory. I love trying to do a deep discount on seasonal-need to move inventory with the sale. Again, if you've already packed your real estate in Valentine's Day rush, it might be too soon to then push a President's Day sale.

Be wise there. We don't want to over-inundate with promos. One last one, start selling for Spring with a Spring Presale towards the end of the month. People are ready, so give them what they want. Now you're ready to roll. Get planning now and send any questions you have to Conversations@EmailGrowthSociety.com. Until next time, happy emailing everyone.

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