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[54] How To Set-Up Email Basics For GTM

CWEG 53 | Email Basics


In this episode, we are going to focus on what the roadmap looks like for a company that is in the Go-to-Market stage. You may be ready to launch or maybe a few weeks in. Regardless, today we’re going to talk about what you need set up to ensure you are making the best of your GTM strategy. After you launch your ads a little too late to be thinking about your email programs. There is a very simple, cost-effective way to get key email programs up and running. Take a listen.

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How To Set-Up Email Basics For GTM

If you are a small business looking to get your email set up for the first time, I have developed a helpful course leveraging Klayvio as the email service provider. This is a do it yourself the right way program that will help you set up your email foundations to get started the right way. You can head over to EmailGrowthSociety.com and click on Online Courses. We are going to focus on what the roadmap looks like for a company that is in the go-to-market stage. You may be ready to launch or maybe a few weeks in regardless. We are going to talk about what you need to set up to ensure you are making the best of your go-to-market strategy.

First things first, When we think about bringing a company to market, the very first thing we focus on is customer acquisition. Rightfully so, we need an audience to sell our product or service to. This is always on our minds and is a go-to-market priority. How are we going to get the leads? What are we going to spend? The thing we forget about this is the more people we get to our website, the more we need to have solid email foundations set up.

Here are a few scenarios. First, you run ads on your Instagram or Facebook account, and those users navigate to your product page and place their item in their cart but don't purchase. Where are your emails? Even more importantly, what about all those folks that come to your website and are not ready to purchase? Having a way to capture them is super important, and more importantly, what does their nurture journey look like from there?

While you need to be focused on the people-building activities getting them to your website, trying to get those new leads before you launch those ads. Here is a checklist of things you need to have set up for email so that you can rest assured you are making the best of all that money you are going to be spending upfront.

The first thing is first you need an email tool. I know that a lot of folks think about Constant Contact or MailChimp right off the bat but honestly, there are more powerful tools out there that don't cost a lot. Like Klayvio, for example. If you are an eCommerce company or even if you are providing a service, Klaviyo is a great tool to get you going. Most importantly, it will scale with your business, and that is the best part about it because now, your list might be 50. If your business continues to grow, you need a tool that can scale with you into the thousands and millions even.

Every brand is more than just a product

Let me back up. Klaviyo will connect with any custom backend or most eCommerce platforms like Shopify. It also allows you the ability to create subscription pages and pop-up boxes as well as flows, campaigns, SMS, and push. One first thing we tend to do when we execute a go-to-market strategy is to get folks signed up for a presale list.

Having a tool like Klayvio will allow you to set this up and get folks moving into a list so you are ready to go on launch day. While it seems the business is starting, try to find a tool, Klaviyo being a perfect one that can allow you a suite of services for email that is going to cover a lot of areas but it's also not going to cost you a lot in the beginning and will scale with your business.

Once you have that email tool, next you need the core basic automation setup. Let me be frank here. You do not need beautiful HTML emails to put your best foot forward. What you need is great messaging and the perfect timing. Here are the non-negotiables you need to have in place. First is your abandoned cart.

A good percentage of your users coming to your website through ads are going to abandon the cart, and you do need to have a nice program in place to try to get them back to their cart. This is one of those bridge campaigns that plays on momentum, and so you need this in place. A tool like Shopify will have abandoned carts at sending out but nothing can truly replace having this built out the right way in Klaviyo or your email tool.

Next, you need a new lead welcome and a pop-up box. It's funny, every time I see a company going to market, they usually are using a Shopify theme or a website but they always, at minimum, have a box at the bottom of the website that says, “Sign up for the newsletter.” They are doing the right thing because we want to lead capture but the problem is that I never get anything when I sign up for that newsletter.

 CWEG 53 | Email Basics


If you think about it in a transactional sense, if we look at the full life cycle or the funnel that people go through to purchase, the very top of the funnel is somebody that's not ready to purchase but is interested in your brand. They need to learn more. When they are giving you their email address, that is the first transaction that they are making with your company.

Therefore, if you don't meet their standards, you are going to lose their attention. This means that after about 45 days, these email addresses start to die off in your database. You need a new lead welcome, and this is that welcome series that welcomes them to the brand, gives them a discount, whatever it may be, you have got to have a new lead welcome. Also, in bonus, if you also put a pop-up box on the site and don't leave all of your lead capturing fate to the bottom footer, subscribe to the newsletter.

The next super important flow that is correlated to lifetime value and can ultimately reduce churn is going to be your new customer welcome. Having at least one email is super important here but having a few is great. The minute somebody becomes a customer for the very first time, you must welcome them to your brand as a customer and go through all of the operational FAQs that are going on.

What is the customer experience like? How do they make a return? Do you have a loyalty program or a way to share? Is there a hashtag on social? Give them your expectations but making them feel like they are part of the brand is super duper important. These three are non-negotiables, and if you have time, it is always a bonus to set up an abandoned browse email because there are a ton of data that shows that you can get folks back to your website. They might not buy exactly what they were browsing but they will come back.

These flows are critical in arming you with a way of casting, a wider net and getting more out of those paid media dollars. You have to try to capture what you can and get those initial purchases. Back to great messaging, every brand is more than a product we are selling to people, and all people care about things. What can you extract to pull on those heartstrings while increasing urgency? For abandoned cart programs, think about the fear of missing out or what your user will be missing out on if they let their cart expire.

Don't overcomplicate things. Just get the good messaging out there.

I was on a website, and I'm looking at bras because I was trying to find one that would be able to be a little bit more comfortable in a dress that, in essence, you typically can't wear a bra with. I remember putting a couple in my cart and then being like, “I don't think I need these now.” I abandoned, and the next day I’ve got my abandoned cart email.

It was super simple but the messaging is what struck me as I should probably do this now because they gave me five different ways that I could use the bra. That in essence, I was thinking about using it for a one-time occasion. That one-time occasion was like, “Is it worth spending $35, and I'm probably never going to wear this again?” Once they showed me the five different ways, I thought, “I'm going to be able to use this. It’s worth $35,” and I made that purchase.

What I'm trying to say is that all you need is high-value add text, a functioning template to get these flows rocking. I recommend that you don't overcomplicate it, just get the good messaging out there. With that being said, there's one more important thing that you need to think about before you move into the full-blown go-to-market mode, and that is you will need to plan and commit to an ongoing email cadence.

We are talking about email campaigns now. While your automated flows provide a great foundation, not all of your leads are going to convert, and your customers needs to be reminded to purchase again. What will your cadence be? You do not need to be sending every day or even three times a week. I understand. You are not going to have a lot of bandwidth but planning out what you will be sending to both audiences and staying consistent is key.

Maybe for customers, you send out a monthly newsletter or a digest. This is a great way to add value and keep your recipients engaged. You can lock it in on the second Tuesday of every month and keep consistent. For leads, you are going to want to get them to convert, and staying relevant with content and offers key. The good news, again, your emails do not need to be fancy. They can be simple. You need great content in a clear CTA when you are thinking about campaigns.

 CWEG 53 | Email Basics


Find a campaign cadence that works and stick to it. As you start to grow and leverage some extra dollars from your email channel, maybe you can go on Upwork and find an email designer that can come in and design some amazing templates. If you are planning to go-to-market, try not to make email an afterthought.

It will work best if you get these foundations mentioned above set up and working ahead of time, you are going to be thankful you did this because it's going to keep your hard-earned audience engaged and also make the most out of the opportunity to convert and retain. Send any questions my way to Conversations@EmailGrowthSociety.com, and until next time, happy emailing everyone.


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