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  • [47] How To Craft Sales Emails That Convert

    This episode is for B2B companies - and anyone out there sending out sales emails. Let me set the scene with the impression most people get when we say “sales emails” - THEY ARE AWFUL! And folks, most of the time, they are. Think about the number of times you received one of those canned sales emails - you get maybe a series of 5. They always try to connect with you but instead tell you why you align to their product. Most are the same. Most of the time they are on a terrible HTML template that has a bunch of different sized fonts. And the last one you get is the super cheesy break-up email “Should I stay or should I go” where they come up with this bulleted list as to why you have not answered them back - and one of them is a silly one like you’re stuck behind the refrigerator. These emails are so bad.

    There is definitely a better approach to this system. If you are a salesperson listening, you are going to want to forward this episode to your marketing team as they are likely guiding the way in some capacity, and if you are a marketing lead, use this information to help your sales team.

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