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  • [36] Holiday Planning: 5 Pre-Email Holiday Tests You Should Be Running Now

    With less than 35 days until Black Friday, it is important to KNOW what works ahead of sending out that email. The only way to know is to test. This episode is dedicated to providing the top 5 pre-holiday email marketing tests that you can be doing with the 2 weeks you have left ahead of the big rush.

    One thing to note when listening to this episode: it’s important to execute true A/B whenever possible; introducing more than one variable makes it difficult to ascertain the source of a lift, muddying how actionable your insights will be. Since the options for testing are virtually endless, don’t feel like you have to do it all. Examine your existing program to identify low-performing campaigns that could use some attention, or choose to run tests in areas where you feel your decisions are being made by your gut rather than backed by data.

    And don't forget about statistical significance. Tests must be at least 95% statistically significant in order to be deemed winners. You can leverage a statistical significance calculator like this one to measure. Just make sure your metrics are placed correctly. In the section that says "The number of visitors on this page was" should be your total sent. And in the section that says "The number of overall conversions was" should be the KPI you are measuring (i.e. unique clicks or opens).